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Softener beads K-100A
It can be used for knitted cotton fabrics, blended polyester with cotton fabrics, Modal and viscose. It is a high concentrated product which can enable cotton fabric soft and smooth handfeel.
Technical index:
1. Physical appearance: Yellow beads
2. Ionic properties: Cationic
4. Ph: 6~7
Reference dosage *
Processing and dosage:
1, 1(oil):19(water) put 25kgs softener bead into 475kg water soaking for 4 hours, then
start stirring for complete soluble, filtrate before use.
2, Operational dilution ratio: 50~80g/L, 5~8% dipping.
* The above process is for reference only, the specific formula and process please refer to
the operational testing results as appropriate.
Packing and storage:
25KG/bag, shelf life 12 months.
Storage condition: It should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
This is an environment friendly and non-dangerous product.