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  • Product Name
  • Ionic properties
  • Sugar / Drying solid content
  • Application characteristics
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  • Non ionic soft flake film F-202
  • weak cation
  • solid content: 100%
  • Application: 

    1. Post finishing of cotton and blended yarns and fabrics in dyeing factories.

    2. Soft and fluffy finishing of denim clothing, washed fabrics, sweaters, etc. from the washing plant.

    3. The new towels from the towel factory are loose, thick, and soft.

  • Silica free softener K-922
  • Weak cationic
  • 69/90%
  • It has characteristics like super hand feel, hydrophilic, anti-bacteria, anti-static, without blue back-stain.
  • Softener Flake F-201
  • Cationic
  • No data
  • Application characteristics
    Fabrics dyeing, denim washing, towels
    1.Super fluffy and soft, hydrophobic, adapt for
    variable fabrics.
    2,Normal temperature water for dilution.
  • Softener beads K-100A
  • Cationic
  • 35/100%
  • It is a high concentrated product which can enable cotton fabric soft and smooth handfeel.