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Guangdong Kefeng 10 years factory celebration

2023-10-16 14:14:54

Three short years, long three years, I have been from a daylong fantasy, childish college graduates, into a pragmatic, mature and stable GDKF workers. Three years of hard training, three years after the memory of sweet. So said, the spirit of GDKF inspired me to go to now, like my other home, give me warmth, give me strength, let me have confidence, brave to move forward. For this, I am grateful to GDKF, and I would like to carry on the spirit of GDKF and continue to forge ahead. When it comes to inheritance, it is the study of taking the essence and eliminating the dross, and the meticulous and selfless teaching. The 10 years of GDKF's cultural heritage and the experience summed up by the older generation of GDKF people are precious wealth that cannot be exchanged. For GDKF, which is still thriving, although I am immature, I still have deep feelings about learning and teaching, and have a deep understanding of inheritance. The wealth accumulated in GDKF 10 years is naturally very extensive, and the value can not be measured by money, but how we should inherit, I think we should start from remembering, learning, teaching, inheriting and creating. I realize that what we should remember is the spiritual culture of enterprise education; Learn wise strategies for leadership; What should be imparted is the professional skills taught by the master; The legacy is one of working together.


Inherit the corporate culture and the unique cultural image of GDKF. Industry-leading, domestic first-class, internationally renowned as the vision of GDKF people, urging us to never stop the pace of pursuit; To provide first-class products and the best service for domestic and foreign transportation infrastructure as GDKF's mission is remembered by the majority of GDKF employees and strive to move forward; The purpose of GDKF is to build high-quality products, develop enterprises, contribute to the society and benefit employees, and attract many talents to make greater contributions to it; The core values of doing first-class and doing the best have become the cornerstone of every project of GDKF.


The service creed of pouring your satisfaction with your heart defines the current corporate culture, engraved in the hearts of every GDKF person, and passed on to the hearts of every batch of new GDKF people, with the innovative and pragmatic, advocating science, hard work and dedication, and the GDKF spirit of always striving for the first-class, constantly developing and growing. That's what we need to pass on.