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GuangDong Kefeng -Block silicone oil

2023-09-27 12:00:00

Guangdong kefeng company focus on Block silicones oil,  it is silicone chains with reactive or non-reactive organo-functions groups in a single molecule. The modified silicones impart specific properties depending on the organic group attached to the silicon atom by imparting exceptional properties such as excellent lubricity, hydrophilic, releasability, adhesion, cross-linking ability etc.

In hand feel finishing auxiliary, Block silicones have a wide range of applications and are highly suitable for fibers and fabrics. Convenient and simple to use, they impart excellent hand feels with smooth and silky texture. When applied to terry towels, they provide soft, plump and fluffy feel with excellent absorbency. There is a sense of comfort similar to "natural". our company is professional supplier Block silicone oil.