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What Is The Role Of Silicone Oil In Textiles

2023-06-21 15:42:26

After weaving and molding, textile fiber materials usually have a rough and hard feel, and the processing performance of garments, wearing comfort, and various performances are poor. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out corresponding surface modification on the fabric to give the fabric good quality. It has excellent performance such as suppleness, smoothness, elasticity and wrinkle resistance.
What Is The Role Of Silicone Oil In Textiles
Generally speaking, silicone oil has three basic forms: pure silicone oil, solution and emulsion.
Pure silicone oil is very stable and has relatively few storage and transportation problems.
In order to facilitate storage and use, silicone oil solutions often need to be diluted, and active additives need to be added to the solution. A large portion of silicone oils or products containing silicone oils are made into emulsions.
Silicone oil can be used as silicone oil softener, lubricant, waterproofing agent, finishing agent, etc. in the silicone textile and garment industry.
In order to meet the high-end demand for silicone textiles, chemical product manufacturers are also constantly developing silicone oils that can be used in conjunction with various functional additives such as waterproofing agents, flame retardants, antistatic agents, and color-fixing agents.