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Hydrophilic Soft And Smooth Silicone Oil K-809
Application field: Knitted cotton fabrics. Application characteristics: Soft, smooth and hydrophilic. Bulk production process: 10g/L, 160 ° C drying for finished products.

Product Name: Hydrophilic Soft lubricating Silicone Oil K-809

Basic Parameters

Physical appearance

Slight yellow transparent liquid

Ion properties


pH value


Sugar/drying and solid



Application Field

application field

Knitted cotton


1. Soft, smooth and hydrophilic

2. For knitted cotton fabrics



Use Process


10g/L , 160 ° C  drying for finished products.

fabric composition

plain cotton

This successful case is for reference only, the specific formula and process please refer to the operational test results as apprepriate.


Package and Storage

110kg/drum lining with plastic bag. It should be sealed in a cool, dry, and ventilated place. The shelf life is 6 months. This product is environmentally friendly productand non -dangerous goods which can be transported safely.





Company's Honor

Company's Honor










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